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Green Valley was appointed as the governing unit of Zhejiang Sports Venue and Facilities Construction Industry Association

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-28      Origin: Site

On March 21th, 2023, the third member meeting of the second session of the Zhejiang Sports Venue and Facilities Construction Industry Association was grandly held in Hangzhou. The leaders of the party organization in the area under the jurisdiction of the association guided the whole process of the meeting. Zhejiang Green Valley Sports Industry Co., Ltd. was awarded the council unit of the association, and the general manager Yu Haiyan served as the council member, and put forward work suggestions for the future development of the association. Zhou Zhongshun, director of the brand department, attended the business forum and shared the achievements and plans of the Green Valley brand in various fields such as sports, sound insulation, and medical care.


The Zhejiang Provincial Sports Facilities Construction Industry Association was approved to be established on January 20, 2016. It actively assists relevant government departments to regulate market competition in this industry, serves the industry's operations, safeguards legitimate rights and interests, and promotes the overall healthy development of the industry.


The meeting heard and reviewed the 2022 work report of the council, the general report of the board of supervisors, and the financial budget implementation report, and elected and added new directors, laying a solid organizational foundation for the work of the association in the new stage. Relying on the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, the reputation in the industry, and the efforts and contributions made to the development of the sports industry and the association, Green Valley was honored as the governing unit of the association, and Yu Haiyan, the general manager, was appointed as the director.

Combined with the development since its establishment, Director Yu Haiyan put forward three suggestions for the future development of the association at the forum for democratically organized meetings: first, implement the division of labor and special research, and let members understand the current situation of the association's work through periodic written work reports; Second, optimize the leadership style, concentrate on solving difficulties, and strengthen the sense of value of the association; third, actively connect with relevant government departments and closely contact them, so as to reflect the problems and seek truth from facts, put forward opinions from a high level, and realize the demands that benefit the society.


Zhou Zhongshun, Director of the Brand Department of Green Valley, shared topics such as how the company can help the development of the sports industry at the business forum: Green Valley has a domestic first-class polymer new material research and development team, and indicatively launched GV-OS with the concept of "green and environmentally friendly". Plastic-free flooring, GV-ES elastic assembled flooring, rubber flooring and other series are suitable for products in the fields of sports, medical rehabilitation, auxiliary sound insulation, military and police protection, municipal gardening, etc., and promote high-quality development of the industry.


Becoming the governing unit of Zhejiang Sports Facilities Construction Industry Association, Green Valley will continue to cultivate the industry based on development experience and experience, and at the same time increase exchanges with related companies, strengthen exchanges with industry colleagues, go hand in hand, do a good job in service, and continuously strengthen the association's reputation Cohesion, centripetal force and influence will work together to promote the prosperity and development of Zhejiang's sports industry and make greater contributions to building a strong sports province and country.

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