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Service Cases
  • Hangzhou East Station——Color EPDM Rubber Particles

    Color EPDM rubber particles installed at Hangzhou East Station,High elasticity, wear resistance, weather resistance, UV and ozone resistance, anti-vibration, anti-static, environmental protection and pollution-free. Read More

  • Taiwan Amusement Park——Color Epdm Rubber Granule

    The ground of Taiwan's amusement park is paved with EPDM rubber particles. EPDM rubber particles are rich in color, soft in color and porous on the surface, which can prevent the reflection of dazzling light. It's beautiful and durable. Multi color system is used to design various graphics, which will not affect the two color fading or pulverization due to ultraviolet and ozone. It's suitable for the path of amusement park, school, kindergarten, track and field track, stadium and park , fill lawn, etc . Read More

  • Community Park - Colored EPDM Rubber Granules

    The ground of the community park laid with colored EPDM rubber particles is elastic and environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and durable, and the color is soft, and will not fade due to the influence of ultraviolet and ozone. Specially designed colors and graphics are integrated with sports facilities and amusement facilities. The site is beautiful, suitable for playground, kindergarten, park path, stadium and so on. Read More

  • Community Amusement Park - Colored EPDM Rubber Particles

    The ground of the site is paved with colorful EPDM rubber particles with high elasticity, wear resistance and weather resistance, providing safe activity space for residents. Starting from the pattern design, the functional area is reasonably planned to enhance the practicability of the site. In addition, it is also suitable for playgrounds, kindergartens, park paths, stadiums and so on. Read More

  • Playground & Trail - Colored EPDM Rubber Pellets

    Color EPDM rubber particles are environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, weather-resistant, shockproof, soft and not easy to deform, which can be used to create amusement parks, kindergartens, park paths, stadiums and so on. The site is mainly laid with rich layers of blue, which matches with the colors of the amusement facilities. It is lively and bright but not dazzling, and provides leisure and entertainment space for residents. Read More

  • Ningguo Development Zone Kindergarten Outdoor Platform——EPDM Rubber Granules

    Ningguo Development Zone Kindergarten Outdoor Platform Installed Suspension Floor and Colored Trimethylene Group, High Elasticity, Wear Resistance, Weathering, UV-UV and Ozone, Anti-Vibration, Anti-Static, Environmental, Non-Pollution. Read More

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