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Enterprise Introduction

Enterprise Introduction

  Green Valley takes "Green Valley China, Social Responsibility" as our mission, "Environmental Protection and Open-mindedness" as our concept, and takesthe "Responsibility, Humanism, Innovation, Eco-friendliness and Striving" as ourculture, introducing a large number of talents and equipments. We have themodern management system with international quality as the standard and

control strictly during each process of R&D, Production, and Sales, hoping to become the leader of the elastic and Eco-friendly flooring in the world. Now we have established strategic cooperation with 75 groups such as Anta and other international well-known brands, and hold a total of 5 valid certifications (World Athletics Federation, World Basketball Federation, US FDA certification, CE certifification, BSCI audit certification), as well as 39 patents. Green Valley serves local governments, professional institutions and schools, extends business to overseas markets in more than 80 countries/regions aroundthe world. With wonderful expectations and dreams, we firmly believe thatin the era of brilliant development, under the outstanding strivingof Green Valley people, Green Valley can become a global leading brand of the eco-friendly elastic floor. Elastic floor will improveyour life.

Concept, Culture, Vision

Concept: Green environmental protection and open-mindedness
Culture: Responsibility, humanism, innovation, eco-friendliness and striving
Vision: To be a global leader brand in the eco-friendly flooring


Green Valley China, Social Responsibility
Insist on striving to be an enterprise with high sense of social responsibility
Let's make the world better, guide the industry healthier, and make children's lives safer
LineResearch and innovation: Striving for the sustainable development of hum an settlements
Each of us can make a great contribution to a better life. Facing the future, Green Valley innovation will move from the eco-friendly era 1.0 of technology, 
product and sevices based on customer needs to the era of eco-friendly 2.0 with China attributes.
We will continue to invest more than 6.5% of sales revenue in research and innovation each year
About 11 people engaged in R & D,About 8% of total number of employees
Accumulated R & D expenditure in recent ten years Over RMB 16 millions
By the end of 2020,Green Valley has obtained 5 worldwide valid certification(World Federation of Athletics, World Basketball Federation ,FDA,CE,BSCI ) and 39 patents
LineExpress Goodness, Green Valley Charity

General Secretary Xi said: "Only the wealth with caring is truly meaningful wealth, only the enterprise with positive social responsibility is the most competitive and dynamic enterprise." Green Valley also believes that the great enterprise not only bears economic responsibility, but also bears social responsibility.

China Pride , World Leader

We firmly believe that Green Valley products will be trusted by architects, designers, contractors, local governments and professional institutions, and will be used by thousands of health care, educational institutions, public buildings, and private venues around the world in the near future. And it has become the world's leading brand of ground materials, the preferred brand of users, the pride of China, and the world;s preferred brand and Chinese pride, the world's leader.

Protect the environment, starting from choosing eco-friendly products

Climate change is an urgent topic facing society today. The quality of the air we breathe is extremely important. Choose eco-friendly raw materials is to choose a safe and healthy breathing environment for you, and it is also an important part of protecting the environment.



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