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Enterprise Introduction
  • 1.What should we do if the corners of floor tiles are not aligned after installation?

    We apologize for the inconvenience!
    The corners of the floor tiles are uneven after installation:①The third-party contractor you hired did not strictly follow the instructions and methods of Green Valley for correct installation or random installation; ②The product characteristics of the rubber floor mats have certain characteristics. Reasonable shrinkage ratio will produce thermal expansion and contraction within a certain range under the action of different temperature, humidity, environment, etc. It is recommended to adopt the dislocation method recommended by Green Valley, which can effectively improve the unevenness of the installation.

  • 2. What should we do if the rubber tiles arrive partially damaged?

    We apologize for the inconvenience!
    If the rubber tiles arrive partially damaged ,Maybe it is a logistics or product quality problem, Green Valley will provide a solution and processing result at the first time.

  • 3. What should we do if the rubber tiles have color difference after installation?

    We apologize for the inconvenience!
    The rubber tiles have color difference after installation, usually due to the inconsistent light source reflection at various angles caused by the on-site lighting and natural light irradiation, the sensory color aberration problem occurs. Green Valley will provide solutions and results if it is verified that caused by surface quality problem .

  • 4. What kind of service support you could supply?

    ① We provide design options for your UV printing rubber floor mats.
    ② We provide Rubber floor installation video tutorial, and could help to contact professional installation company for supporting services.
    ③ We give professional product usage scope, recommended products, installation methods and precautions according to your usage scenario design.
    ④ One-stop supporting services for the sports venue design and contracting labor and materials for the project.
    ⑤ Guiding services for cleaning, maintenance, and maintenance, etc.
  • 5.How to clean the rubber floor mat?

    How to clean the rubber floor mat?
    1. In the cleaning water, 1 cup of fabric cleaners are added to half of the bucket, and the rubber floor mat looks very new.
    2. Clean the rubber floor mat with a multi-function detergent solution.
    3. Ammonia water cleaning
       (1) Before the dissolution, 10% ammonia water can be poured on the stain.
       (2) Put the floor mat into the container, add water and detergent, then soak for about 30 minutes.
       (3) Remove the floor mat from the container and then rub it softly with a brush.
       (4) Wipe the washed floor pad with clean water and place them in a cool place.

    How to remove mold on rubber floor mat?
    1. First clean it with a soft brush, then wipe it with alcohol, you can remove mold.
    2. Reproduction of hot and soaphed water can be removed.
    3. Pour some edible vinegar on the mold, place for hours, then rinse with water to remove it.

    Maintenance method of rubber floor mat:
    1. Do not miss the mat while smoking, do not sprinkle your chewing gum or sugar drink on the rubber pad.
    2. The rubber pad should be protected from the effects of organic solvents and chemicals.
    3. Do not allow the vehicle to travel on the rubber floor mat and do not produce severe mechanical friction and impact on the rubber floor mat.
    4. Rubber floor mat must be cleaned and cleanly cleaned. Stains can be built with a detergent or 10% ammonia water.
    5. It is forbidden to use rough and hard tools such as scouring and steel ball clean and scraping rubber floor mats to avoid colliding with hard and sharp objects.
    6. Protect the edge of the rubber floor mat. Can not be peeled off at will. If damaged, it must be repaired in time.
    7. People on rubber floor mat can wear ordinary sneakers, canvas shoes or soft rubber shoes.
    8. Places where wear is seriously maintained, otherwise the professionals should increase the number of high-strength surface waxes.



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