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Service Cases
  • Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School

    Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Education Group is one of the five famous education groups in Hangzhou. In line with the philosophy of "benevolence and truth seeking", the group puts forward the goal of "four modernizations and one type", that is, to run a "modern" school with excellent quality, scientific research, characteristics and internationalization. Read More

  • Shanghai Thomas School——TEQ88A

    Founded in 2018, Shanghai Thomas School is a private non-profit 12-year school with a capacity of 1,600 students and covering three divisions: primary school, junior high school and high school. Based on the strengthening of modern, technological and international curriculum elements, the school provides new cutting-edge education for Chinese students. Read More

  • Reconstruction of court tiles in some fitness areas of Zhejiang Media Group - TEQ88A & TEπ88C

    Zhejiang Media Group is formed by Zhejiang Radio Station, Zhejiang TV Station and related enterprises and institutions. It is a news and propaganda unit directly under the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. Renovate the ground floor of the original venue: silicon PU basketball court, PVC badminton court and table tennis ground. It includes multiple sports venues, which have a demonstration effect; customized patterns create a sports space with radio and television characteristics. Read More

  • Green Energy Center Badminton Sports Venue—TEQ35SN

    Hangzhou "Urban Living Room" was founded by Hangzhou City Brand Promotion Association. It integrates traditional fashion, humanistic technology, cultural economy, product experience, product display, and cultural activities. It is a window to display Hangzhou's brand image. Brand, regional brand, corporate brand release, display and interactive communication platform. Read More

  • Rural Revitalization Project - Multifunctional Sports Ground

    Green Valley assembled floor helps to build multiple multi-functional sports fields, effectively using space and meeting sports needs. Read More

  • German Student Pioneer Park——TEQ88C

    The German Overseas Students Pioneer Park is an important platform for Taicang City to attract overseas students to return to China to start businesses and to support the development of overseas students' enterprises. Read More

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