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Green Valley News

Green Valley News

The latest developments or news from Green Valley is available to provide you with the first hand of Green Valley

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Exhibition Event

Marketing Catalog and Details of Green Valley

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These are related to the epdm rubber granules news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in epdm rubber granules and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand epdm rubber granules market.
  • A Kindergarten Outdoor Playground——EPDM Rubber Granules
    Local planning and construction of amusement places, for nearby residents to provide a comfortable and safe activity space. Read More
  • Playground & Trail - Colored EPDM Rubber Pellets
    Color EPDM rubber particles are environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, weather-resistant, shockproof, soft and not easy to deform, which can be used to create amusement parks, kindergartens, park paths, stadiums and so on. The site is mainly laid with rich layers of blue, which matches with the colors of the amusement facilities. It is lively and bright but not dazzling, and provides leisure and entertainment space for residents. Read More
  • Community Amusement Park - Colored EPDM Rubber Particles
    The ground of the site is paved with colorful EPDM rubber particles with high elasticity, wear resistance and weather resistance, providing safe activity space for residents. Starting from the pattern design, the functional area is reasonably planned to enhance the practicability of the site. In addition, it is also suitable for playgrounds, kindergartens, park paths, stadiums and so on. Read More
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Product Release

New product details released by Green Valley

epdm rubber granules

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