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SBR rubber particles

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  • Ningguo Development Zone Kindergarten Outdoor Platform Installed Suspension Floor and Colored Trimethylene Group, High Elasticity, Wear Resistance, Weathering, UV-UV and Ozone, Anti-Vibration, Anti-Static, Environmental, Non-Pollution.
  • High elasticity, wear resistance, weather resistance, rich color. Various patterns can be designed and Environmentally friendly pollution. There is a colorful EPDM rubber particles on the ground of Wujiang Kindergarten. The EPDM rubber particles are rich in color, soft and surface porous to prevent eye-catching light reflections. They are beautiful and durable. The multi-color system is designed with various graphics without fading or pulverizing due to the influence of ultraviolet and ozone. They are suitable for playgrounds, schools, kindergartens, track and field, stadiums and park paths, filled with lawns, etc.
  • The EPDM rubber particles have weather resistance, wear resistance, high flexibility, anti-ultraviolet rays and ozone, seismic and antistatic, and environmentally friendly, non-polluting.
  • EPDM rubber particles are paved in the ground of the Taiwan Amusement Park. The EPDM rubber particles are rich in color, gentle color and surface porous, which can prevent eye-catching light reflection. Beautiful and durable. Multicolor system is used to design a variety of graphics, including

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SBR rubber particles

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SBR rubber particles

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