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Why is it recommended to use a rubber fitness equipment mat?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-05-14      Origin: Site

The most important reason for using sports rubber floors is to protect the floor. Existing surfaces and equipment in the exercise area need to be protected.

Fitness equipment is often very heavy, made from a mixture of plastic and metal, so it is necessary to place the fitness equipment on the mat of the fitness equipment. If there is no exercise, the absolute weight of these machines will grind on the sensitive surface and damaged in the form of discoloration, ribbed and severe cracks. Wooden floors that are missing for any protective gym rubber floor is easily damaged. Even a hard surface (such as concrete) may also suffer a certain degree of degradation.

However, damage can be propagated in two-way. Suitable fitness rubber floors also have shock absorbing properties, so double protection can be provided for machines and floors. The exercise equipment may be damaged without the bare floors without the surface of the rubber motion. Some machine vibrations are large or hard to contact ground, and the frictional force generated may damage the machine.

The cost of repairing the existing surface and fitness equipment may be high, which is why we recommend using a rubber fitness equipment pad.

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