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Where is the rubber floor tile used?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-05-15      Origin: Site

Rubber Tile for walkway,garden,park Blind rubber floor tile Size:600x990mm,300x300mm   Material:Recycled rubber  granules, color EPDM rubber granules Advantages:Anti-slip, anti-static,Shock resistant, Sound insulating, wear resistant ,Environmental friendly, 100% recyclable,Easy to install and maintain. Applications:Children playground, Kindergarten, School ,Garden, Park, Walkway, etc community, municipal project,Sport courts like kids' football court,Balcony, patio, garage, etc home use ,Gym, fitness center, sport center, etc,Recreation center, ski rink, skate field, etc.  Certificates:CE, EN71, EN1177, REACH

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