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What are the types of hexagonal floor tiles?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-05-15      Origin: Site

1. Hexagonal floor tiles are divided into outdoor tiles and indoor tiles. 2. Outdoor bricks should be used in public places such as leisure squares, municipal projects, landscaping, beautiful roofs, garden balconies, shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, 4S stores and others with large traffic. Its brick body color is simple, brick surface volume is small, mostly adopts the form of concave and convex surface. It has the characteristics of skid resistance, wear resistance and convenient repair. The main colors are white, white with black spots, pink, fruit green, spotted green, yellow, spotted yellow, gray, light spotted gray, dark spotted gray, light blue, dark blue, purple sand red, purple sand brown, purple sand black, black, red brown, etc. Square tiles are generally divided into three categories: ordinary square tiles suitable for the ground, roof tiles suitable for the roof, and supermarket tiles suitable for indoor use. Ordinary square bricks are also equipped with blind brick and stop brick, usually yellow, gray and black. 3. Indoor tiles, with the improvement of people's aesthetic style, hexagonal tiles have begun to appear in home decoration in recent years. Hexagonal tiles do not belong to universal, large circulation and popular products, which has also become an important factor for hexagonal tiles to fail to form the mainstream trend. Different from the conventional rectangular tiles, the application of hexagonal tiles makes designers and dealers look forward to it very much, whether it is through paving or only for space decoration. Hexagonal tiles can be matched with double grids. Pastoral style and European style are more suitable. At present, the consumers who choose hexagonal tiles in the market are mostly villa decoration.

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