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Training courses in"Plastic Runway Materials and New National Standards" are open in Green Valley

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-12-13      Origin: Site


On October 26, Green Valley invited the experts of the Green Sports Center Institute of the Ministry of Education to teach in Green Valley. More than 20 parties such as the company's sales department, the planning department, the procurement center and other departments have participated in the training.

The main content of the course includes: the type of rubber for color particles, the vulcanization method of color rubber particles, the type of plastic runway and the application of the particles, the details of GB 36246-2018, the new national standard index analysis and new Shanghai standard.


"Toxic Runway " incident occurred in 2015. my country attaches great importance to similar events in the plastic runway. After more than two years, the newly revised plastic runway national mandatory standards -\"Primary and Secondary School Synthetic Material Ground Sports Places\" GB 36246-2018 officially approved in the National Standardization Management Committee website.


After this training, we have a more in-depth understanding of the new national standards of the plastic runway, and make a solid foundation for the business similar to plastic sites.

Learning makes people progress and learn to open wisdom. Only have continuous learning, we can improve yourself in all aspects. Green Valley has always provided a variety of learning opportunities for employees. Every time, it has been carefully planned and fully prepared so that everyone can make more efforts to confidence in the future.

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