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The national sporting event sponsored by Green Valley came to a successful conclusion!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-05      Origin: Site

The countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games has started again, and various forms of "welcome the Asian Games" related activities and competitions continue to be carried out. Recently, Green Valley participated in sponsoring two sports events at the Yellow Dragon Sports Center in Zhejiang Province to celebrate the Asian Games.


2022 National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship

From August 23rd to 26th, the "Flavor of Hangzhou" 2022 National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship was held in the Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium. Game by the state general administration of sports gymnastics administrative center, the Chinese gymnastics association, is Asian games huanglong sports center stadium after transforming professional event held the first national games, Asian games is hangzhou after the first national games test event, for the national team of artistic gymnastics collective project national team in September prepared for artistic gymnastics world championships.






The competition not only attracted a large number of spectators to the scene, by the provincial and municipal 11 media, more than 20 broadcasting platforms brought the final live network also triggered the "cloud watching" craze. According to incomplete statistics, by 17:00 on the first day of the finals, the cumulative viewing volume of each broadcasting platform exceeded 2.2 million.


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