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The first outdoor assembled pickleball court in Zhejiang Province was built!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-30      Origin: Site

The popularity and promotion of a sport cannot be separated from national norms and guidance. Recently, the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration promulgated the "Pickleball Competition Rules (2023 Edition)" and the Chinese Tennis Association promulgated the "Chinese Pickleball Competition Rules" to promote the development of pickleball and standardize the development of pickleball competitions. A major sign of the healthy development of pickleball.

Pickleball is a ball game in which players from both sides take turns hitting a special porous ball with rackets separated by a net. It combines the characteristics of badminton, tennis and table tennis. It is quick to learn, moderate in intensity and friendly to "novice athletes". , strong social attributes and other characteristics, it has gradually developed into a mass sport. Celebrities such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio are all keen on this sport.

Yearning for outdoor sports and a healthy lifestyle, and pursuing real and warm interpersonal relationships, domestic young people are increasingly participating in the new sport of pickleball. To meet sports needs, pickleball courts have been built one after another in public leisure spaces, urban shopping malls and other places.


The suspended elastic assembled floor court is a kind of venue suitable for pickleball. In terms of sports performance, the court has appropriate elasticity and friction, comfortable feet, and moderate and even rebound of the ball. It can better utilize the sports characteristics of pickleball and reduce the damage caused by inertial impact force to human joints.

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The suspended elastic assembled floor also has the advantages of wear resistance, weather resistance, long-lasting use, easy paving, and fast drainage. It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor pickleball courts.

In addition, the suspended elastic assembled floor provides a wealth of color choices and supports personalized customization of various splicing patterns. With a trendy, fashionable and dynamic court, it attracts more young people to immerse themselves in the world of pickleball.


Currently, pickleball has become a performance event at the 2024 Paris Olympics and is expected to become an official event at the 2028 Olympics. And according to relevant predictions, the project scale will exceed one billion. Against this background, Green Valley will continue to promote the application of assembled flooring in new pickleball court projects, participate in the establishment of more complete sports infrastructure, promote pickleball in the country to move towards a long-term development stage, and add new vitality to the national fitness cause.

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