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The 83rd China Educational Equipment Exhibition | Relive the excitement of Green Valley and explore the infinite future

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-23      Origin: Site

With the theme of "Exhibition, Exchange, Cooperation, Innovation and Development", the 83rd China (Chongqing) Educational Equipment Exhibition concluded successfully. The exhibition is hosted by the China Educational Equipment Industry Association and hosted by the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, the Chongqing Liangjiang New District Management Committee, and the Chongqing Yubei District People's Government. It comprehensively demonstrates the latest development achievements of China's educational equipment industry.

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At the three-day exhibition, Green Valley exhibited a one-stop solution for campus safety and environmental protection elastic flooring. Its exquisite product technology and professional explanation services attracted the attention of the audience.

Strength Products

Green Valley's newly launched odourless elastic interlocking tile and TEπYD1M assembled flooring made their debut at the exhibition. 


Product Name: Odourless Interlocking Tile

Specifications: 895*895*5mm

Product Feature:

  • Green, environmentally friendly and odorless

  • Up to B1 flame retardant grade

  • Flexible material for greater comfort

Application: Indoor gym, indoor sports field, commercial venues, etc.



Product Name: TEπYD1M

Specifications: 1000*1000*15.8mm

Product Feature:

  • Grid soft connection requires low ground foundation

  • Elastic support feet make the whole body more elastic and shock-absorbing

  • Large size design makes paving more convenient

Application: Indoor and outdoor sports venues, etc.


Recommended Similar Products


Product Name: TEQ35SN

Specifications: 250*250*12.7mm

Product Feature:

  • The floor of the indoor pickleball/roller skating hall is professionally designed.

  • The rebound rate, friction coefficient, hardness, etc. of the ground ball can meet the requirements of Peak.

  • Ball movement requirements. At the same time, it ensures smooth sliding for roller skating venues.

  • Smooth, and can prevent slipping and injuries caused by slippers.

Application: Indoor pickleball/roller skating hall



Product Name: TEQ88A

Specifications: 304.8*304.8*12.7mm

Product Feature:

  • GV-ES elastic flooring is a new type of GV-ES composite rubber material sports floor pioneered by Green Valley. Obtained registered trademarks and national invention patents.

  • All-weather use, soft foot feel, bringing a more comfortable sports experience, excellent sports performance to meet the needs of professional competitions, training, and basic sports.

Application: Indoor and outdoor sports venues, etc.




Product Name: PVC Sport Floor

Product Feature: PVC sport floor is made of high-quality PVC, with excellent elasticity and toughness, providing athletes with stable power support and sports protection.

Application: Table Tennis/Badminton Court/Basketball Court



Product Name: FYJOY Homogeneous Vinyl flooring

Product Feature:

  • The surface layer has been specially treated to be wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, antibacterial, mildew-proof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

  • Good anti-slip performance and comfortable foot feel.

  • Various pattern designs make the paving more beautiful.

Application: It's suitable for medical, education, industry, office, retail, transportation, public places and other fields.



At the same time, classic products such as Green Valley elastic interlocking tile, PVC sports flooring, and homogeneous PVC commercial flooring were also on display, providing the audience with a feast of campus safe and environmentally friendly elastic flooring products.

Let's make progress together

This exhibition is not only a window for Green Valley product display, but also a bridge for business opportunities. In order to promote exchanges and cooperation, Green Valley has launched a lottery for signing orders and an annual cooperation mechanism. In an atmosphere of full confidence and expectation for the prospects of cooperation, on-site signings continued, cooperation intentions were reached cooperation intentions with many dealers, market channels were further expanded, and the influence of the Green Valley brand was highly recognized.

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The exhibition ended successfully, thank you to every friend for your trust and support. Green Valley will continue to move forward with higher quality products and more professional and considerate services to create a flexible and beautiful life.

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