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Table tennis courts have entered 30+ Anhui communities

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-03-22      Origin: Site

In order to further promote the construction of fitness facilities around the masses, enrich the space for mass fitness activities, and meet the diverse needs of citizens for fitness activities, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the State Sports General Administration organized the activities of "National Football Into Communities" and "National Football Into Parks", combined with urban Renovation of old residential areas, opening up and sharing of park green spaces, and implementing the "National Fitness Venue and Facilities Improvement Action" will promote the construction of fitness facilities focusing on small facilities such as table tennis tables in urban communities and parks to provide convenience for the general public to exercise nearby.


Our country's table tennis project has brilliant competitive results and a huge mass base, and is known as the "national sport". Moreover, table tennis has low requirements in terms of venue facilities. It only requires a table tennis table and appropriate sports space. It is very suitable for further promotion and popularization in the community, making it easy to exercise anytime and anywhere, and driving more people to participate in sports teams middle.



Elastic interlocking tile is a common ground material for table tennis courts. It has the advantages of simple installation, safe and non-slip, and easy maintenance. The surface texture is conducive to footwork and can be quickly installed and put into use. Professional technology and a complete after-sales service system simultaneously ensure product quality, help create a professional and comfortable sports environment, help optimize the functional layout of public spaces, and enhance social welfare.


To implement the "Table Tennis into Communities" campaign, Green Valley's flexible assembled table tennis courts will soon enter more than 30 communities in Anhui to help enrich residents' cultural and sports life and promote the development of national fitness. In the future, Green Valley will continue to pay attention to people's livelihood needs, promote the popularization of public sports services, and meet the demand for a better life.

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