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Sound insulation solutions to help you have a quiet space

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-30      Origin: Site

2022.3.1 花色橡胶隔音垫

With the continuous improvement of spiritual life and cultural pursuit, more and more high-end people who understand life and love life have higher and higher sound insulation requirements for space and place. Paying attention to private and quiet atmosphere space has also become the inner demand of spiritual taste.

Sound insulation materials are used to reduce the intensity of sound.

For example, sound insulation materials are used to protect indoor people from all kinds of noise outside; The elegance, comfort and quietness of business occasions and leisure places have also become important indicators to determine the grade. In order to reduce the noise level of machines and protect workers from health problems caused by loud noise, sound insulation materials are used in almost every industry.

Sound insulation materials are mainly used in the construction industry.

To do sound insulation well, you need to know how to block sound transmission. Let's take a ball as an example of how it blocks sound transmission.

Types of rubber sound insulation products

  • Single-sided Concave Foam Rubber Shock Pad


Natural rubber foam, with light weight, soft moistureproof, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, electrostatic insulation, durability, high strength, good resilience, no water absorption, good sound insulation effect and other advantages. Single-sided circular pits help enhance sound insulation.

The improvement of floor impact sound can reach 25dB, and the sound insulation effect is good. Reach the national standard of super sound insulation.

Application: building and commercial buildings, office buildings, high-end hotels, gyms, activity rooms, book bars, libraries, etc.

  • Colorful SBR sound insulation pad

SBR with color dots

It is mainly used for the sound insulation structure of floating building floor. The cushion layer is laid between the floor and the structural plate, and then the protective layer is poured over it to form floating building floor. This structure is to weaken the solid sound energy transmitted by the floor through a certain thickness of elastic organization.

In recent years, seen from foreign engineering practice, floating floor slab is the best solution to the problem of sound insulation.

First, the laid elastic pad will isolate the floor structure into the upper and lower parts, which can effectively prevent the continuous transmission of noise in the solid, greatly alleviating the sound transmission in the solid. Second, the elastic cushion layer is better to slow down the floor resonance caused by the sound of impact and absorb the sound energy efficiently.

According to the test conclusion of the Building Physics Laboratory of Qinghua University, the impact noise of the floor slab with elastic sound insulation pad can be improved by 15 ~ 35dB compared with the concrete floor slab (related to the material of the sound insulation pad).

Application: architecture, commercial buildings, kindergartens, music rooms, etc.

  • Compression molding rubber tiles


In the life of exposed sound insulation and shock absorption products, shock absorption pads for gym equipment are more common. Gyms are mostly set up in shopping malls and high-grade office buildings, which have higher requirements for seismic noise reduction. Rubber's wear-resisting and compression resistance and perfect impact absorption efficiency can decompose the blunt force generated by the equipment during exercise, and good resilience can also bring a certain degree of energy return, which is also the reason why running in the gym is easier than hard road.

Application: gym, large playground

  • Shooting range shock absorption mat


After testing, the sound produced by the gun instrument can reach 130dB. It's almost beyond what the human body can tolerate. Made of rubber material with a thickness of 2.5-80mm special damping pad, has perfect impact absorption efficiency and very high density and friction, flame retardant coefficient, to buffer the impact of bullets, reduce noise, reduce vibration effect.

Application: suitable for barracks, police force, police academy and other indoor and outdoor shooting ground and wall.

  • High strength shock pad


After special treatment to form a concave and convex pyramid shape, the internal structure is full of small pores and half-open structure can absorb a large amount of incoming acoustic energy to form a sound standing, the sound wave in the wave peak, so as to weaken, disappear, to achieve the purpose of sound isolation and shock absorption.

Application: office, high-speed rail, airport, hospital, school, etc.

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