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Shock absorber cable, suitable for shooting field

Product Series Sound insulation shock absorbing series
product name

Shock absorber cable, suitable for shooting field

size 500 * 500mm, 1M * 1M
material Rubber line

Sound sound, shock absorption, long service life, simple installation and maintenance, environmental protection, no pollution;

Application field

Strong noise field such as shooting field, shooting field, KTV, home theater, entertainment venue

certificate CE, EN71, REACH, ISO10140, etc.
quality: outstanding
colour: Any color can be customized
smell: Tasteless
Softness: high density
deadline: 10 years

Thickness: 15mm-70mm

Delivery date: 15-20 days

Production capacity: 600m2 / day

Packing: wooden tray or according to customer requirements

A-English - shooting pad 2

A-English - Shot 3

A-English - shooting pad 4



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