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Shanghai Peijia Bilingual School——TEQ88A

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-10      Origin: Site

Project Case

Shanghai Peijia Bilingual School

Now many basketball courts will use GV-ES (thermoplastic elastomer) material suspended elastic assembly flooring for paving. Specifically, it has the following characteristics:

1. It can be used as an all-weather sports floor to exert sports properties. The suspended floor has good elasticity, high strength, non-slip and wear resistance, weather resistance, good drainage, and solid color. It can be used in the construction of outdoor basketball courts, volleyball courts, football fields, tennis courts, runways and other sports venues to help the normal development of sports events and the excellent performance of sports levels.

2. Good protection. The suspended floor has good impact absorption and vertical shock absorption, which can effectively alleviate the impact of high intensity on human joints and reduce the severity of injuries caused by falls. It can also be used in school playgrounds and other venues to provide children with certain safety protection.

3. Green and environmentally friendly. The suspended floor adopts a detachable design, which is very convenient to install and disassemble. If you want to move the venue, you can use it again directly without replacing the new floor.

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