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Safe City Protection System | Green Valley Municipal Gardening Solution, how to protect travel safety?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-22      Origin: Site

Urban security is the necessary foundation to meet people's needs for a better life and an important part of sustainable urban development. Comprehensively implement the people's city concept and promote the construction of safe cities, involving urban planning, high-standard infrastructure construction, risk prevention and control and other aspects.

Green Valley has always focused on the high-quality and safe development of cities. Focusing on urban infrastructure construction, Green Valley has created a municipal horticulture ground protection system to help create a people-oriented urban space, improve urban functions, and enhance the quality of the city's image. It has been widely used in smart parks, municipal projects, community sports parks, gardens, etc., to help Consolidate the ''horizon'' for safe development.

Garden Path Series

Ensure safe travel and reduce the risk of falls

Sidewalks are an important infrastructure for urban slow-moving transportation systems. Building a warm city is inseparable from safe and comfortable sidewalks. As problems affecting travel safety such as the vulnerability to injury after falling on traditional hard surfaces have been exposed, high-strength flexible rubber floor tiles have become increasingly popular and have been used in sidewalks, parks, overpasses and other places.



Bone Shape Bricks/Brick Tiles

Application: sidewalks, parks, overpasses, municipal projects, gardens, etc.

  • Excellent impact absorption, safe and anti-slip, preventing falls and injuries.

  • It won't splash water when stepping on it, and it won't step on thunder” in rainy days. Fast water permeability, reducing water accumulation.

  • It is pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, impact-resistant and durable in use.

  • The materials are environmentally friendly, the appearance is beautiful, the colors are rich, and the installation is simple and convenient.


Tactile Rubber Tiles

Providing convenient road facilities for the visually impaired to travel safely and assisting in the construction of barrier-free cities. They are divided into tactile paving blocks that guide you to move forward with confidence, and dot tactile paving blocks that indicate that there is an obstacle ahead and it is time to turn.

  • It has good impact absorption performance, effectively prevents falls and injuries, and protects pedestrians.

  • It has a good tactile feel and can better sense the road conditions through the soles of the feet and the blind stick. Increase friction and make it more anti-slip.

  • Easy to install, smooth and beautiful. No splashing when stepping on rainy days.

  • Compression-resistant, wear-resistant, not easy to break, long service life.

  • Made of environmentally friendly materials, it is safe to use and has rich and long-lasting colors.

To separate sidewalks from other parts of the road, rubber curbs can also be used instead of cement curbs, which can effectively prevent injuries after falling.


Cement curb VS Rubber curb stone

640 (1)

Rubber side stones

Application: Scenic parks, municipal construction, residential areas, etc., distinguishing between roadways, sidewalks, and green spaces.

To add urban greening to the street trees, the roots can be paved with rubber tree rings, parallel to the sidewalk ground, which can reduce the problem of pedestrians walking in the air to a certain extent.


No tree ring VS Rubber tree ring


Rubber tree ring

  • Used on tree roots to effectively suppress dust.

  • It is quick to install, can be cut according to the growth of the tree, and is highly practical.

  • The colors are beautiful and rich, optimizing the urban landscape.

Manhole covers that use rubber as the outer cover and steel bars as the inner frame are also a new type of urban construction material. It has good load-bearing capacity, beautiful appearance, good drainage, high strength and rich colors. Compared with traditional cast iron water grate, it is lighter and has strong weather resistance and corrosion resistance.


Traditional manhole cover VS Green Valley manhole cover

640 (2)

Garden & Courtyard Series

Taking into account safety and appearance, create the beauty of the city

Green Valley also creates special rubber floor tiles, flower bed fences, step mats and other products, which not only ensure functionality, but also put more effort into design and can be used to shape the urban scenery around you.


Other Garden Bricks VS Green Valley Double Sided Bricks


Featured rubber floor tiles

Application: Garden, patio, terrace

Conventional rubber floor tiles are matched with various pattern designs, are non-slip and wear-resistant, have beautiful appearance and rich colors, creating a high-quality leisure space.

*More styles can be consulted


Traditional flower bed tile VS Green Valley flower bed tile


Flower bed tile

It has a certain degree of elasticity and plays a good safety protection role for flowers and plants to avoid soil erosion and vehicle collision. No auxiliary materials are needed for laying, easy to cut, and colors can be combined at will.


Traditional Lawn Step Mats VS Green Valley Park Step Mats


Park step rubber mat

Application: parks, gardens, courtyards

Anti-skid, shock-absorbing and beautiful in appearance, it is convenient for pedestrians to cross the grass and can effectively avoid ankle sprains and other problems caused by potholes in the grass.

Smart Sports Park

Supporting sports equipment floor

In places such as sports parks and fitness areas, the use of high-density elastic mats can help improve safety and comfort and support the safe development of high-intensity sports.


Traditional park floor VS Green Valley high-density elastic mat

640 (3)

High density elastic pad

Application: Municipal engineering, sports park, community park

Unique drainage design ensures no water accumulation during daily cleaning.

Made of rubber material with moderate hardness and softness, it can effectively protect the knee joint from damage.

The surface layer has small brick texture, which is non-slip and durable.

In addition, Green Valley sports ground solutions, military and police protection product solutions, medical & commercial ground solutions, etc. can also help improve the safety and sustainability of urban space.

The humanistic spirit is the soul of a city, and public facilities such as roads and gardening are direct reflections of the city’s humanistic spirit. Product solutions created by fully considering people's needs will truly help build a high-level safe and high-quality development city and make life better.

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