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Product Recommendation | Green Valley Playground Rubber Mat

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-07      Origin: Site

2022.5.27 户外地板

Product Description

Green Valley playground series rubber floor mats have the characteristics of good resilience, anti-skid, shock absorption, durability, etc., effectively overcome the shortcomings of hard floors such as slippery when encountering water, falling, heat burns, etc., while taking into account the advantages of environmental protection and easy cleaning, etc., and have been widely used In playgrounds, kindergarten fitness places, etc., it helps to create a colorful environment and ensures the safety of playing and exercising.


Weather resistance and durability: Green Valley playground rubber floor mat is wear-resistant, weather-resistant, aging-resistant, has a certain degree of water permeability, easy and quick maintenance, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Comfortable and safe: The playground rubber floor mat has good elasticity, impact absorption, anti-slip and shock absorption performance, and the feet feel more comfortable when running and jumping on it, and the degree of falling and injury during exercise is also greatly reduced.

Beautiful and diverse: a variety of colors, materials, and specifications can be selected according to the characteristics of the scene, the frequency of use, and the preferences of the builder (the business team can provide customized solutions).

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