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Official flooring partner brand | Witness the peak showdown of the Asian University 3x3 Basketball Championship

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-06-14      Origin: Site

From June 11th to 13th, the Asian University 3x3 Basketball Championship ignited Zhoushan Putuo.

As the official flooring partner brand, Green Valley fully supports athletes in pursuing their basketball dreams and helps to establish the brand of "Island Basketball Tournament City". The event-level elastic interlocking tiles shines in Putuo Lotus Ocean. President Yu Haiyan attended the opening ceremony.

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Elastic Interlocking Tile--Event Grade Flooring

Ensures that athletes can fully and stably perform in 3X3 basketball events.

The event is hosted by the Asian University Sports Federation (AUSF) and aims to enhance friendship and exchanges among young people from various countries and regions in Asia and to promote and improve the sports level of Asian university students. Guangdong University of Technology and Yunnan Normal University won the men's and women's championships respectively and will represent Asia in the FISU 3x3 Basketball World Cup.




This event is aligned with the FIBA points system for the first time. Participating athletes will receive FIBA individual points, and the accumulation of individual points will help their country or region's world ranking.

Green Valley has been deeply involved in the high-quality development of sports through product support, event cooperation and other means. Becoming the official flooring partner of the Asian University 3X3 Basketball Championship is another practical action for us to practice this. In the future, Green Valley will continue to explore and contribute its brand strength to telling the story of a strong sports country.

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