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More fun and more exciting! Internet celebrity creative sports space under Overpass

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-17      Origin: Site

Advocating a healthy lifestyle and catering to the needs of fitness sports, the supply system of sports venues is constantly enriched. For the already formed high-density urban space, it is unrealistic to continue to expand large-scale stadiums and sports parks. Excavation and transformation of scattered idle land in the city and embedding public sports facilities are the key to improving the layout of national fitness resources and One of the feasible ways to meet the fitness needs of the whole people.


The unused remaining space under the overpass, the irregular space between buildings, the remaining space due to terrain restrictions...the area is not necessarily large, but through careful design and planning, efficient utilization and refined management of land resources can be achieved At the same time, it effectively solves the problem of where to go for fitness.

Taking the space under bridges as an example, urban development has spawned a huge three-dimensional transportation network. As a derivative, there is a large amount of space under bridges, but many of them are idle, closed, or only have green planting, road board houses, etc. as their main functions. Very limited use has been made.

Designed according to the characteristics of the space pattern, the embedded sports field can be flexibly integrated with the environment; the rich sports ground products proven by the market make sports safety and experience more guaranteed; thanks to the high shielding of the viaduct, there is no need to exercise here Affected by weather such as rain and exposure.


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The sleeping corners of the city are awakened, and the quality of the city is further improved, effectively solving the problem of insufficient fitness venues and making it more convenient and faster for surrounding residents to participate in physical exercise.

The main tasks of the "National Fitness Plan (2021-2025)" mentioned that to increase the supply of national fitness venues and facilities, it is necessary to revitalize idle urban land, advocate composite land utilization, fully tap the potential of existing construction land, and plan and build projects that are close to the community and conveniently accessible. venue facilities. To implement the national strategy of national fitness, Green Valley's sports product solutions will play a greater role in urban micro-renovation and optimization of sports public services, assisting the "edge corners" of urban space and transforming into the "golden edge and silver corner" of national fitness.

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