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Meditation Yoga Mat

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-12      Origin: Site

  The Green Valley Meditation Mat is made of polymer material TPU, which is recyclable and truly green, safe and environmentally friendly. Special micro-foaming process, one-piece extrusion molding. It has the characteristics of soft touch, lighter weight, high elasticity, strong shock absorption, low temperature resistance and good weather resistance. It can be used for meditation, decompression, yoga, medical care, travel, spiritual growth and other scenes.


     Selected materials, Green Valley Meditation Mat is made of popcorn foam materials from the German chemical giant BASF craftsmanship, creating a different experience with unique ingenuity.


 It's called "popcorn" because the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer foam) particles are somewhat similar to popcorn. After pretreatment by pressure heating, the TPU particles expand like popcorn, forming a large number of microporous structures inside, and a large amount of air is wrapped in the pores, and the volume can reach 5-8 times the original volume.

  These microspheres are highly elastic and light in weight. When the tightly connected foamed particles are subjected to pressure, they will show good rebound and deformation recovery effects. Compared with traditional elastic materials, they are lighter and more durable, and can provide better cushioning. shock effect.

  The Adi Yeezy (coconut shoes) that many hipsters are looking for is made of this popcorn foam material to make boost cushioning foam, using "explosive" force aesthetics to achieve a cloud-like sports experience.


  The same material brings the same feeling. The Green Valley Meditation Pad made of several "popcorn" cushions naturally rebounds after being squeezed, providing quick cushioning and decompression. Injury, add a protection to physical and mental health.

  Not only that, TPU material products can be recycled, and the "retirement" meditation pad can be re-employed to achieve resource utilization improvement and sustainable development, and use self-"green" to achieve real environmental protection.

  In addition to the full sense of security, the comfort of the Green Valley Meditation Pad is stable online. The overall weight of the meditation pad is very light, the thickness of 5mm is very convenient for storage, and there are no creases, which saves space and is easy to carry around.

  There are no restrictions on the location and time of use. Green Valley Meditation Mat has low temperature resistance, weather resistance and ozone resistance, among which the weathering resistance is better than that of natural rubber and other synthetic rubbers, and it will not become hard or too cold due to lower temperature. The four seasons change, and the soft touch remains unchanged.


  At the same time, the Green Valley meditation pad has high density, high tear resistance, high wear resistance, durability and long service life; no plasticizers, non-toxic and tasteless, all of which show excellent quality.

  After use, the waterproof and anti-sweat properties of the pad surface allow the Green Valley Meditation Pad to be wiped clean, which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.


  In addition, the Green Valley Meditation Mat also supports 360UV printing service, customized meditation mat with institution name, logo, special pattern, etc., suitable for meditation, meditation, decompression, yoga, medical care, travel, spiritual growth and other diverse needs and Scenes.


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