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I want to be quiet. What should I do?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-26      Origin: Site

"You could hear something falling upstairs."

"It feels like kids are parkour on my head every day."

"The dragging of tables and chairs is really jarring." ...

To solve the problem of noise above, must first understand the sound transmission way between fluctuation floor: building the sound source (mechanical equipment vibration, were walking shoe sole and moving voice the voice of the floor, furniture, etc.) hit the palisade structure of the receiving room (especially the floor), and the receiving indoor sound, sound (solid) is the crash.

Due to the relatively higher density of solid media and higher sound transmission performance, the impact of floor impact sound insulation on the environment is higher, which is a major problem facing building acoustics.


Specifically, on the one hand, the elastic cushion separates the floor structure into upper and lower parts. Through different media, it can effectively prevent the continuous transmission of noise in the solid and alleviate the sound transmission of the solid. Elastic bedding, on the other hand, can mitigate the floor resonance caused by the crash sound. According to the experimental results of Building Physics Laboratory of Tsinghua University, the impact sound insulation volume of floor slab laid with elastic sound insulation pad can be improved by 15-35dB compared with that of concrete floor slab (related to the material of sound insulation pad).

In the selection of materials, early floating floor elastic cushion often used slag, perlite and other loose materials, with the development of new materials, rubber sound insulation pad replaced the traditional materials, reduce the thickness of floating floor, further improve the sound insulation effect.


Taking Green Valley rubber sound insulation pad as an example, it is made of high-density material with certain elasticity. The product has good damping effect, sound insulation effect, waterproof, mildew proof, corrosion resistance, environmental protection and other advantages. It can be used in KTV, disco, bar, home theater, concert hall studio, theater and other places where strong noise is easy to produce. And hospitals, schools, institutions, scientific research units, residential and other noise-sensitive buildings need to keep quiet, through floating floor structure, improve the quality of sound environment.


Green Valley single concave rubber sound insulation pad on the basis of conventional products, add a single round pit design, is conducive to enhance the sound insulation effect. According to a report by the Building Environment Testing Center of Tsinghua University, the noise of floor crash can be improved by up to 25dB. In addition, Green Valley also provides a variety of products such as rubber foam sound insulation pad.

In addition to the residential construction side, residents can also reduce the impact vibration of the floor by laying flexible finishing materials such as carpets on the residential floor. Such as Green Valley household shock cushion can be used for household appliances, home fitness equipment and other equipment, through the damping coefficient of rubber barrier noise transmission.


With the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for residential acoustic environment, which brings more opportunities for the development of architectural acoustics. In the foreseeable future, acoustic insulation methods such as floating floor slabs will be more widely used in the construction of urban aggregate housing, helping to create livable urban Spaces.

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