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How to choose a horse stable/racecourse/equestrian club ground?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-09      Origin: Site

In the equestrian world, people, horses and venues are at the center. In order to ensure the smooth development of equestrian sports and training, the racecourse should comprehensively consider the ground pavement, space planning, public facilities and other dimensions to complete the construction, to ensure the safety and comfort of horses and people, so that people can enjoy the fun on horseback.

Among them, the ground of the racecourse is an indispensable facility for the life and training of horses, and the performance of its products is especially important. Below we will dismount field ground should how to choose ☟ ☟ ☟

For horse farms, high frequency equestrian training puts forward higher requirements on ground strength and its protective effect on horses.


Among the common ground materials, the cement floor is easy to clean and difficult to destroy. It can be used for a long time, but the high intensity training on the hard ground will increase the risk of injury to the horse's leg. The land and sand meet the needs of maintaining the sports health of horses, but the ground will be uneven because of the horse planing, which requires frequent cleaning and renovation, and requires a lot of energy to maintain.

Taking into account strength and foot feeling, rubber mat has become a new choice for racecourse floor. Taking Green Valley racecourse mat as an example, the product is developed according to the characteristics of horse movement. It adopts simple return pattern and high-density design, has high strength, ensures impact absorption, rebound and shock absorption performance, effectively reduces the possibility of hoof, leg and ground damage, and supports horses to carry out high-intensity training safely.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a horse stable mats is cleanliness - if the floor is not properly cleaned, it can cause illness to the horses, and it can also reduce the good feelings of equestrian fans and affect the normal operation of the racecourse. Some studies have pointed out that the environment of racecourse is the most important factor for consumers to choose racecourse clubs.

The Green Valley racecourse mat with good drainage is laid, so that the racecourse management staff can easily wash the ground, provide a safe, hygienic and comfortable living and sports environment for horses, and attract more equestrian enthusiasts to experience. And Green Valley racecourse mat made of environmental protection materials, but also let the racecourse environment more assured.


At present, Green Valley horse stable mat has been widely used in indoor and outdoor equestrian training field, promoting the development of equestrian sports.


In addition, green valley racecourse at the bottom of the unique groove design, on the basis of convenient drainage can develop a variety of functions, such as water and electricity lines laid to be able to do all kinds of equestrian performances and special site racecourse, such as green valley in Hokkaido laid before scheme of "green valley racecourse pad + heating system, heating wire embedded in the groove, to ensure the constant temperature of the four seasons.


Conclusion: In the vast history, equestrian figures will not be absent.  From the power of agriculture and transportation, to the determination of the success or failure of wars, from the important content of the six arts in ancient China, to the pursuit of chivalry in medieval Europe, the pommel horse culture bears witness to the progress of civilization.

After the Industrial Revolution, horsemanship no longer existed as a major role in society and began to turn to sports industry.  With the promotion of equestrian events, new consumer forces are increasingly interested in equestrian events.  Statistics show that the number of equestrian participants in China has exceeded one million (data source: People's Financial Media).  Equestrian club/racecourse construction demand is booming, Green Valley will continue to use racecourse mat to help the construction of the venue, to provide more convenience for the development of equestrian sports and culture.

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