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Gym Park

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-05      Origin: Site

Project Case

Gym Park

GYM PARK is located in qixinghu Commercial center, east area of Haian City, Jiangsu province, with complete supporting facilities, convenient transportation and many high-grade residential areas. The club positioning high-end luxury, is a set of sports fitness, swimming, leisure and entertainment in one of the senior VIP club, is the local fitness industry bright star. Committed to creating the first brand haian fitness. All hai 'an super luxury: the total area of the club is nearly ten thousand square meters, the total investment is more than 15 million yuan, specially hired well-known foreign designers in the industry to design, plan and layout the whole process.

  Club house is equipped with constant temperature and humidity of the four seasons of indoor swimming pool, multifunction instrument training area, aerobic training, strength training area (all equipment pure import custom and some physical learning patent), women's exclusive training area, was a comprehensive operating room, hot yoga room, outdoor sunlight yoga room, intelligent immersive panorama large-format spinning room, 3D body physique test and analysis center, VIP private training area, business and leisure center, multi-functional water bar, exclusive parking lot, etc., is a collection of fitness. Leisure. Entertainment. Business as the theme of the multi-functional high-end club.

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