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Green Valley's first employee skills competition was held

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-01      Origin: Site

Integration and gathering of strength, wisdom foresee the future. On the occasion of May 1st International Labor Day, Green Valley held the first employee skills competition. The event set up three competition items that are closely related to actual work to improve professional skills, promote the spirit of labor, and pay tribute to the beauty of craftsmanship.


The first event was the "Forklift Skills Competition". The contestants relied on their skilled operating techniques to accurately position and steadily drop the pallets, demonstrating their superb skills and rigorous work attitude.

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In the "Packaging Skills Competition" for elastic assembled flooring, all employees focused on packing each product that met quality standards quickly and orderly.

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In the "Cutting Skills Competition" for environmentally friendly coiled materials, everyone remained calm and strived to complete the material cutting faster and better.

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The intense competition demonstrated the craftsman spirit of striving for excellence and showed the solid professional skills, rigorous and efficient work style and team spirit of solidarity and cooperation of Green Valley employees. Green Valley hopes to promote the spirit of labor, create a good atmosphere, and encourage everyone to continuously improve themselves and fulfill the mission and responsibility of workers in the new era through this competition.

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