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Green Valley's "Rural Revitalization" Grain Plan Goes Deep into Physical Education in Yili, Xinjiang

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-10      Origin: Site


To promote rural revitalization and the development of sports education, Green Valley's "Rural Revitalization" Grain Plan continues to take action. Recently, Green Valley donated a batch of sports equipment to Bessala Primary School in Agarsen Town, Gongliu County, Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang, injecting new vitality into the healthy growth of children.

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The donation includes 455 sets of sports equipment including basketballs, footballs, skipping ropes, badminton rackets, etc. It is hoped that while meeting the school's daily physical education needs, it will also enrich the children's extracurricular life, stimulate their interest in sports, promote their physical health, and cultivate a spirit of unity and cooperation and perseverance.

Education is an important foundation and strategic support for rural revitalization, and sports is a basic project to improve the comprehensive quality of young people. Actively participating in rural sports education is a manifestation of corporate social responsibility and a vivid practice of social forces to help rural revitalization.

In the future, Green Valley will continue to explore effective ways to support rural sports education and children's development, and protect children's growth through more warm care.


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