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Green Valley "Rural Revitalization" Grain Project —TEQ88A

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-10      Origin: Site

Project Case

Green Valley "Rural Revitalization" Grain Project

Sports is an important part of rural development. The high-quality development of rural sports provides strong support for promoting new progress in rural revitalization.

In order to inject sports power into rural revitalization, the Joint Secretariat of the Student Sports Association of the Ministry of Education and Green Valley jointly launched the 2023 Zhejiang Green Henggu Sports Industry Co., Ltd. "Revitalize Rural Areas" Grain Plan, which includes youth sports promotion activities, helping to build campus sports venues and other sections, protecting children's growth with loving care, and helping rural revitalization and national unity.

Yu Haiyan, President of Green Valley, said that the "Revitalize Rural Areas" Grain Plan hopes to encourage children to join in physical exercise under the concept of "humility", effectively improve physical fitness, cultivate competitive awareness and collaborative spirit, shape a sound personality, let youth sports bear fruit, and ultimately promote the construction of a sports power.

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