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Good news | Green Valley passed the BSCI social responsibility audit!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-07      Origin: Site

Recently, Green Valley accepted the factory audit of BSCI, a world-renowned social responsibility organization. After reviewing documents, on-site audits, and employee interviews, amfori BSCI issued a factory audit report to Green Valley.


Factory inspections are generally divided into social responsibility inspections, quality inspections and anti-terrorism inspections. In the social responsibility audit, BSCI certification is regarded as the golden sign of the social responsibility audit due to its large global influence, wide coverage, strict audit, and many recognized customers. Passing the BSCI social responsibility audit this time is a strong affirmation of Green Valley's production safety and factory management.

In March 2003, the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) formally established BSCI, an organization advocating business community compliance with social responsibility, with the purpose of formulating implementation measures and procedures for European business community to comply with social responsibility plans.

BSCI Factory Audit (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is to advocate the business community to comply with the social responsibility audit of global suppliers of BSCI members, which mainly includes: compliance with laws, prohibition of discrimination, workplace safety, prohibition of child labor, and prohibition of forced labor. , environmental and safety issues.

As an enterprise with its own large-scale chemical factory, Green Valley always attaches great importance to the production conditions of the factory, and pays attention to occupational safety and health issues to ensure the orderly production work. In terms of factory production management, Green Valley uses emerging technologies to promote the realization of intelligent, automated operations and digital management in the workshop, reduce manual labor intensity, and effectively improve the production environment safety index.


At the same time, Green Valley conscientiously implements the safety production responsibility system, starting from prevention and intrinsic safety, and continuously improves employees' safety awareness and skills to provide protection for employees' occupational safety. Previously, Green Valley has also passed ISO occupational health and safety management system certification, V-trust factory inspection and other recognitions.

At present, Green Valley has established a complete amfori BSCI management system. The passing of the factory inspection further demonstrates the corporate strength of Green Valley and enhances the international credibility of the brand. According to the results of the factory inspection, Green Valley will further improve the production and management level of the factory, combine social responsibility with development strategies, provide high-quality products and services to global customers, and achieve sustainable development of the company.

About Green Valley

Green Valley is a company specializing in providing rubber products and polymer floor materials. It integrates R&D, production, sales, installation and after-sales service. It has been focusing on the field of new sports flooring for 15 years and has an independent factory and R&D team. Since its establishment, the company has been actively participating in the national sports undertakings and taking green environmental protection goals as its own responsibility, with the goal of making first-class products, building first-class projects, and creating first-class services. Constantly committed to the application of new materials, and strive to transform advanced technology and materials into implementable product solutions.

At present, the company has the industry-leading R&D and manufacturing capabilities in China, and the R&D personnel have accumulated rich experience in long-term product development and testing, which fully guarantees the performance and quality control of the company's products. Relying on strong R&D strength, production technology level and the ability to quickly respond to customer needs, the company's products are constantly innovating. The business involves more than 400 products in professional events, stadiums, kindergartens, gyms, municipal gardens, shooting ranges, railways and other occasions. The sales network covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world and the whole country.

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