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EPDM Surface Playground Rubber Floor Tile

Product Feature: The rubber pad used for shock absorption has high strength, density and friction coefficient, so as to achieve the effect of anti kid, sound absorption and shock absorption.

Application Field: Children's playground | Kindergarten | School | Garden | Park | Sidewalk | Municipal projects | Children's football fields | Balconies | Terraces
Product Series Playground rubber brick series
product name

EPDM Surface Playground Rubber Floor Tile

size 500x500 mm
material Up: Color EPDM rubber particles, under the black SBR
benefit Slip, anti-static, impact, sound insulation, wear resistant, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, easy to install and maintain
Application field

Children's playground, kindergarten, school, garden, park, sidewalk, etc., municipal projects, children's football fields, balconies, terraces, garages, etc., gym, fitness center, sports center, etc.

certificate CE, EN71, EN1177, REACH

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