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Dr. Chen, 500 Building Materials, USA, came to Green Valley, special guidance on acoustic materials

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-19      Origin: Site

On the afternoon of October 12, Dr. Chen, former product manager of the US Fortune 500 Building Materials, visited Green Valley, and explored specific product categories and effective product integration structures on the core of architectural acoustics. Strengthen the core competition of product green valley. Special training in the theme of " Strength ". All employees of Green Valley participated in the meeting.


At the beginning of the report, Dr. Chen's humorous language style and wonderful and unique teaching concept caused great interest in Green Valley employee uniforms. Dr. Chen is in the forefront of the building materials industry. Combined with his more than 20 years of industry experience and product practical application, he has a deep explanation of how to update the core competitiveness of the product, improve product market and marketing strategy.


Dr. Chen started from the perspective of building physics acoustic, building sound quality assessment, and talked about the application of sound pressure level and individual sound pressure.

Green Valley uses a spider web model to collect customer data and integrate market characteristics to optimize products, for example:


From the perspective of acousticity, in combination with our products, Dr. Chen emphasized that in the new era of technology, we must be good at using the integrated product function and era, timely update product function and characteristics. Product concept. He believes that advanced concepts can make companies go farther. Specific action makes the company more stable; profound thinking makes people go faster.


During the entire report, Dr. Chen eligible, profound thought, advanced concept, simple in-depth, deep and deep theoretical guidance and many years of practice verification, in Green Valley launched product education and first-class product core competitiveness The improvement of high quality talent training in the construction and green valley has a positive guidance.

The coach report for up to two hours is over the applause. After the report, the conference staff is still unsatisfactory. Dr. Chen has left a deep impression on the underlying materials industry for more than 20 years.


Green Valley staff said they benefited a lot, they will further change their 

concepts in the future work, combined with the core competitiveness of Green Valley products and the market prospects and put them into practice. Effectively improve the core competitiveness of Green Valley products, constantly integrate demand, create demand for new era and new markets.

1. Acoustics as a multi-field cross-discipline, from its original application to modern times, has been widely used in electronic, ship, construction, 

environment, automobile, railway, aviation, medical, earthquake and speech interaction. It is developed from a branch of physics. Development has become an important topic that is inseparable from real life.


2. The ultimate goal of acoustic research is to serve human auditory ears, which determines the importance of its location; it is because of the characteristics of human interest, acoustic is not concerned about the rapid development of manufacturing. Until the manufacturing has become a bottleneck, people are considered to be technically and manufactured initiators and end beneficiaries.

3. The simplest understanding of the sound source is that the vibration will generate sound waves, and there are three types of frequencies, high and low due to different waveforms. The frequency band that the human ear can hear is: 20 ~ 20000Hz. But some animals, such as elephants and dolphins, can also hear 20 Hz sounds. Everyone has different restrictions on the frequency bands they listen.

4. Common sound angle score value:

Common sound scoring value
Sound type Sound pressure level (decibel) Sound type Sound pressure level (decibel)
Sound of strong explosive explosion 170 truck 90
Rocket, missile launch site 150 Bustling street 80
Rifle shooting sound 130 Kitchen in the house 60
aircraft motor 120 Normal personality 50
Cutting machine 110 Quiet room 40
Weaving locomotive 104 Light 30
Generator work 100 Shaoy sand 20
Punching 95 Rural quiet night 10
5. Block and absorb sound insulation materials separately. The best material to prevent audio is metal, but it is easy to cause misunderstandings here. In our day-to-day contact, we understand that metal is the most prone to spread the sound. In fact, he is transmitted not sound wave but vibration. Therefore, high density metals are the best sound insulation materials. It reflects sound waves of different frequencies to isolate audio communication and propagation. The material of Green Valley actually absorbs audio. Reduce the vibration angle and reach the function of reducing decibels.

6. Features of the damping coefficient of our material: Damping: Refers to physical phenomena that the vibration system or vibration system is blocked and energy dissipated with time. The meaning of the Internet is more embarrassed, and the simple meaning is: an ingenuity of vibration and audio cancellation. Thereby reducing the vibration frequency and audio ripple. As follows:


7. Rubber is one of the commonly used shock absorbers, which is widely used in automotive industrial and mechanical engineering. The best hard rubber damping coefficient is 1. The harder the rubber, the better performance. The message is below:


8. Domestic on the requirements of sound pressure:

Standard impact sound pressure level (DB): ≤65 between residents.

The weighted standard impact sound pressure level (DB): the floor between the rooms is ≤55. That is, the sound pressure stage generated by the vibration of the original floor itself is combined with the sound absorbing material to achieve the final effect.

Requirements from"civil architectural design" GB50352

9. By using a composite material can better absorb sound, that is, our rubber block matches high density rubber ring. The evaluation rate of vibration and acoustic waves can be effectively reduced. From the perspective of the structure, we can increase material density and increase material thickness in both directions to improve: "Reduce Sound Level ". The former is high.

9. From the perspective of paving, it is impossible to obtain good results with light flooring ground because the vibration will be propagated through the wall. The structure of the bridge is required, which is actually similar to the practice of the skirt board.

10. According to the acoustic principle, the working direction is changing vibration rather than changing the sound.

Green Valley's noise reduction products include:  High strength rubber pad,

Foam rubber soundproof pad,Colorful SBR rubber soundproofing pad,

Centrifugal rubber soundproof pad,SBR rubber soundproof pad.








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