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Does the rubber pad are poisonous?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-05-15      Origin: Site

We often see the rubber pads have an unnecessary smell. Is the smell of the rubber mat toxic?

The smell of the rubber floor mat produced by conventional manufacturers is non-toxic. However, the formamide will be added to the inferior rubber floor, the latter is a plastic additive, which can make the rubber floor pad foam, make it more soft, more elastic, but it is easy to cause spasm and deformation, and human health Resulting damage. Therefore, when choosing a stable rubber floor mat, everyone must choose a name of the manufacturer.

Address, product name, product number or specifications, product standard safety categories, etc. no irritating smell, do not purchase low-priced inferior rubber floor mats. Be sure to see your child when crawling, don't let go. Therefore, the smell of the rubber floor mat produced by the formulars will not harm the human body.

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