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Do you know about elastic interlocking tiles?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-02      Origin: Site

As the concept of healthy life gradually takes root in the hearts of the people, the significance of sports activities is not only entertainment and competition, but also an important carrier for the public to strengthen their bodies.

But whether it's professional sports or amateur exercise, there is a big concern - people can fall and get injured while exercising. This aspect is related to the movement rhythm, dynamic posture, etc., and requires more professional learning and scientific planning of exercise frequency.


Among them, the Green Valley elastic interlocking tiles is being chosen by more and more sports venues. Its raw material is the thermoplastic elastomer (GV-ES) material pioneered by Green Valley, which has excellent product strength, antibacterial properties, resilience, environmental protection, cushioning, wet skid resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance, and flame retardancy. Zero expansion, no oil, no shrinkage, no odor, defines the technology floor, and can meet the ground construction needs of various sports scenes.

Patented materials to upgrade the sports experience

Green Valley elastic interlocking tiles is made of the new GV-ES soft plastic composite rubber material developed by the company, which has obtained a registered trademark and a national invention patent. The product fully embodies the Q-elasticity of the composite rubber material, with a soft touch, which effectively solves the pain points of the traditional rigid assembly floor, such as hard material, poor foot feel, injury on hard ground, and slipping in water, bringing a more comfortable sports experience.

On the other hand, this is also affected by ground performance. In this regard, the playground area needs to consider the functionality of various grounds to provide safety protection for everyone as much as possible to help healthy sports.


Green Valley GV-ES elastic interlocking tiles also has advantages in environmental protection performance. Its chemical performance meets the new national standard, and it has passed the testing and certification of REACH regulations, FDA food contact level and other international authoritative organizations. Moreover, this new polymer material is 100% recyclable, green and pollution-free. While creating a healthy sports environment, it also contributes to the achievement of the "double carbon" goal.

Special structure to improve product performance

Structurally, the Green Valley Elastic Interlocking Tiles adopts a suspended structure design, plus a sturdy and reinforced supporting foot structure, which has a good vertical shock absorption effect. With excellent resilience, it can buffer the inertial impact force generated when the athlete touches the ground, effectively preventing sports injuries.


On the surface layer, scientifically distributed textures such as wind and snowflakes form a concave and convex non-slip surface, which ensures friction and reduces the possibility of thermal burns when falling.


In terms of technology, the one-piece molding makes the elastic interlocking tiles higher in strength, tear-resistant and stretch-resistant, and the physical inspection meets the new national standard and has a long service life.

Dividing level Adapt to a variety of scenarios

According to the needs of different scenarios, Green Valley has developed a variety of elastic interlocking tiles, including four levels of competition level, professional level, advanced level and entry level, as well as special models for primary and secondary schools/kindergartens, tennis courts, swimming pools, and indoor scenes, which can match many The construction of field sports venues needs to provide suitable ground for professional sports, training, basic sports, indoor and outdoor sports, etc.




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