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Compatibility of futsal football pitch and elastic assembled floor

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-09      Origin: Site

From the street-level entertainment of South America in the 1950s and 1960s to soccer's official FIFA sanctioned subdivision, futsal is one of the world's fastest-growing sports. Compared with 11-a-side football, futsal has a small field, is easy to organize, has more chances to touch the ball, is more entertaining and interesting, and is suitable for professional games and public sports. 

Under the general background of national fitness, futsal, which integrates sports and exercise, has gradually become popular in China. Starting from the demand of public fitness, various places have accelerated service facilities such as futsal football pitch, providing a site basis for the development of sports.

2022.4.8 赛事级拼装地板

 In terms of product design, Green Valley has created elastic assembled flooring for adults, middle and high schools, kindergartens/primary schools and other scenes for different people's physical and athletic characteristics, so that they can participate in futsal more professionally.




Take children and teenagers as an example. They are at an important growth stage in their life. Scientific exercise can strengthen their physique, but inappropriate exercise ground may cause bad results for their growth.

Green Valley Kindergarten/primary school Futsal elastic assembled floor (special Q88C) 1:1 soft and hard ratio, conducive to children's bone development; The design of anti-slip grooves and large contact surfaces can effectively prevent and reduce instantaneous thermal burns after falling while ensuring friction.


Coupled with the environmental quality tested by the FDA food contact grade certification, the European Union REACH and other authorities, and the sweet hole design to prevent fingers from digging stuck, Green Valley elastic five-a-side football field can allow children to play safely and grow up healthily.




In addition, Green Valley Futsal elastic floor also provides a variety of color matching scheme for choice, colorful and beautiful appearance to promote children's interest in exploring the world and participating in sports.

"When I was a kid, I used to play five-a-side football in the streets of Argentina. It was a fun game that made me who I am today."

It can be said that futsal is not only one of the important ways of national fitness, but also plays an important role in the training of youth football level and thinking ability, which is conducive to the popularization and development of football.

At present, the development of futsal has become a trend, Green Valley elastic assembled floor will continue to help the construction of all kinds of venues, improve the quality of sports public service, meet the needs of public fitness, and form a good atmosphere and social environment for national fitness and youth participation in football.

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