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Company News | Innate custom style and texture

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-07      Origin: Site

For high-end luxury exhibition halls, brand stores and other scenes, the significance of space is not only display and display, but also the bearing of brand image and product story.

Therefore, in the building of venues, it is more necessary to tailor, to realize the echo of the spatial narrative and the spirit of the work, to create experience and atmosphere, so that the brand power will be deeply rooted in people's hearts.


As a professional supplier of new ground materials, Green Valley has been widely recognized by big brands, and its customized products have been installed in many high-end luxury exhibition halls and brand stores.

  • Professional design and fashion symbiosis

"Fashion is architecture", as Gabrielle Chanel, the founder of Chanel, once said, shows the close relationship between luxury and high-end brands and space design.To integrate art and fashion with exhibition halls, shows, experience stores and other Spaces is an issue that brands attach great importance to.


The above picture shows, for example, the custom products of this luxury exhibition hall have unique ingenuity. A variety of color blocks of different sizes are irregularly dotted in the soft white background. The layers are rich and clean, the vision is full but not messy, and the brand image is more free and flexible in the quiet of Ming Dynasty.


  • Exclusive color transfer brand power

A reasonable grasp of the color language and putting the theme into it can bring visual impact and artistic enjoyment to luxury exhibition halls, brand stores and other Spaces, so that guests can be immersed in them to express their emotions and perceive the products with full attention.


In the Shanghai Station of Mademoiselle Prive "Into Chanel" exhibition, the customized Green Valley × Chanel red carpet was laid on a large area. The classic red floor and the black and white installation were in harmony, which explained the elegant fashion of Chanel as always, and integrated the appeal and practical value, so that the exhibition has the dual charm of high appearance level and super comfort.

  • Focus on experience and beauty complement each other


Nike, the sports brand giant, uses Green Valley to customize elastic rolls in its stores to enhance brand recognition and achieve a more comfortable foot feel.  At the same time, different venues will adjust product specifications and patterns according to needs, so that consumers can feel the brand characteristics of fashion, personality, trend and comfort from the moment they enter the store.


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