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Company News | Green Valley annual work conference and New Year activities concluded successfully

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-02-04      Origin: Site

On January 26th, Green Valley's 2023 annual work conference was successfully held. With the theme of "2024, Make the City Better", this meeting is not only a detailed review and summary of the work throughout 2023, but also the planning and deployment of the direction and strategic goals for the next year.

01 Work Report

The heads of each functional department summarized and reported on the annual work of their departments, and on this basis defined the key work arrangements and improvement measures for 2024.

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02 Strategic Deployment

The two leaders of Green Valley, Yu Haiyan and Pang Xiaosen, affirmed the unremitting efforts and hard work of all employees in the past year, and clarified the strategic direction and measures in key areas such as market expansion, talent training, and brand building.

Mr. Pang said that the past 2023 was the year of economic recovery after the epidemic. In the face of fierce market competition, with the efforts of the marketing team and the support of other departments, performance has grown steadily and team cohesion has improved significantly. In the new year, we will set new and higher goals. Looking to the future, we will continue to optimize management, improve service levels, and continue to expand the market.


In order to ensure the completion of the full-year target tasks for 2024 and continue to move towards higher expectations of building "China's No. 1 brand of resilient flooring", Mr. Yu emphasized the key tasks in five aspects: First, tackle difficulties in multiple aspects to open up the market and enhance the brand. influence; second, strengthen production supervision, strictly control quality, save energy and increase efficiency; third, build an e-commerce team, improve the new media matrix, and strengthen brand building; establish a better training mechanism and formulate a 1-2 year training plan , conduct training for various positions and departments from time to time; fifth, adjust the organizational structure and optimize internal management.


Fighting pays tribute to dreams, glory praises struggle. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Yu and Mr. Pang presented awards to the annual sales champions to commend the breakthroughs and outstanding achievements achieved in 2023, and encouraged everyone to be proactive, improve themselves, and achieve new leaps together.


Understand the time and trend, make decisions and then act. The convening of the annual work meeting allowed all employees to clarify the development direction for the new year and strengthen their confidence and determination to move forward. Taking 2023 as the turning point and foundation for Green Valley to move towards higher development, in 2024, we will embark on a new journey guided by the spirit of the conference, provide more efficient and high-quality services, and make the city better!


03 New Year Activities

The Spring Festival is approaching, and the dragon is beginning to usher in a new year. Let’s celebrate the Year of the Dragon together with a “cooking” experience.

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The menu was discussed over and over again, fresh ingredients were carefully selected, and the work was divided and worked together to prepare the dishes and light the fire. The master chefs held spatulas in hand to cook out delicious New Year dishes.

Winter is getting thicker, but the warmth remains. Tasting the fruits of a whole morning's labor, laughter and laughter erupted from the fireworks, which meant that "everyone is gathering firewood and the flames are high".


After the meal, the game continues. Use wisdom, physical fitness and luck to challenge yourself, work together to break through, and complete every competition with all your strength.


May you be happy together and be happy every year. Not only at this moment, I wish the happiness of "birth" will always be with you.


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