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Colorful pattern, elastic floor make the venue more attractive

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-06      Origin: Site

In the construction of sports fields, campuses and other venues, elastic interlocking flooring with fashionable and beautiful appearance and convenient and quick paving is becoming the main option. In Green Valley, designers combine different colors to create a venue full of personality and functions, bringing more possibilities to the elastic assembled floor.

1.Sports field design case

When designing basketball courts, football fields, multi-purpose sports fields and other venues, generally choose 1-3 color combinations according to the characteristics of the venue and user preferences, and cooperate with the marking to help better distinguish the boundaries of the area.


Multifunctional sports field case

On this basis, rich styles such as LOGO and cartoon patterns can be stitched together through color changes, and flexible assembly venues can be tailored for different scenes to enhance the sense of space atmosphere.



Custom multi-purpose sports field case

2.Campus site design case

In the construction of the campus site, the advantages of rich colors and various patterns of the elastic interlocking floor can make the campus more beautiful.


Campus decoration site case

Especially for kindergarten students, on the one hand, it can enhance the attractiveness of the campus to children and speed up children's adaptation to the school; It can also help the normal development of teaching tasks and improve the teaching level.


Campus function site case

3.Decoration site design case

In addition, elastic assembled flooring can also be used in decorative venues such as courtyards to easily achieve different styles.



Other decorative venue cases

Of course, a good visual design is the icing on the cake. The wide application of Green Valley elastic assembled floor benefits from its practicality in sports and safety. Made of self-developed GV-ES material, Green Valley elastic interlocking flooring has excellent resilience, environmental protection, comfort, cushioning, wet skid resistance and weather resistance, making sports more professional, more comfortable and safer.

If you are interested in elastic interlocking flooring, you can consult to learn more, there are various assembled patterns waiting to be unlocked, and you can also put forward your needs to customize exclusive effects!

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