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Centrifugal rubber soundproof pad

Can effectively block noise, shock absorption, moisture-proof, cold resistance, long life, convenient installation and maintenance, environmentally friendly pollution
Product Series Sound insulation shock absorbing series
product name

Centrifugal rubber soundproof pad

size Customizable length, no more than 1.25m

It can effectively block noise, shock absorption, moisture, cold and long life. Easy to install, environmentally friendly, no pollution

Application field

Stadium, gymnasium, gymnasium, home treadmill, fitness equipment damping pad, industrial venue, production workshop, etc.

certificate CE, EN71, REACH, ISO10140, etc.
quality: outstanding
colour: Any color can be customized
smell: Tasteless
Softness: neutral


Thickness: 3mm-12mm

Delivery date: 5-10 days

Production capacity: 600m2 / day

Packing: Curable packaging, packaging with kraft paper and shrink film.

A-English-Soundproof Series 2

A-English - Soundproof Series 3

A-English-Soundproof series 6

A-English - Soundproof Series 7

A-English - Soundproofed Series 9



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