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Case | How to use the composite Interlocking Tiles mat?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-07      Origin: Site

  • Case name: Ningbo Latte Fitness/Ningbo Moisturizing Muscle

  • Main products: Composite Interlocking Rubber Tiles

  • Product specification: 900*900*15mm

  • Usable area: 600㎡+

  • Completion time: 2018

  • Case features: overall beautiful, easy to install, durable


Case introduction

In Ningbo, to exercise muscles and latte fitness, all fitness experts either walk alone or gather together, are full of motivation to lift irons, train, share exclusive insights and experiences, and make a noise for happy fitness. In the hot summer, it is all about sweating and enjoying sports!


In these two fitness venues, Green Valley composite lock mats are laid flat on the surface, and various fitness equipment are displayed on them. The functions and appearance are both online venues for exercisers to safely exert their strengths.


The composite interlocking rubber mat used is one of Green Valley's classic environmentally friendly rubber floor products. It consists of "wear-resistant coil surface layer + floor mat bottom layer", which can meet the needs of gravity equipment placement and operation. The stadium is still in normal use since its completion, bringing you a comfortable sports experience. The jigsaw-style paving method makes the venue more aesthetically pleasing as a whole, integrating practicality and convenience with tasteful style.


Why choose composite interlocking rubber mats?

In the early stage of project docking, the spatial layout planning of fitness venues is a focus of Green Valley's attention. By evaluating customer needs and plan details, we will strive for perfection in details, recommend suitable products, and create ideal sports venues.

Specifically, the composite lock mats with sufficient thickness and good wear resistance are very suitable for these two fitness venues mainly based on gravity equipment. Coupled with excellent elasticity and shock absorption performance, it can provide protection for equipment and the ground, and realize the upgrade of sports safety and foot comfort.


At the same time, the lock-shaped design is very convenient for paving, with low requirements on the ground and no need to use glue; in terms of color selection, it is also matched according to the theme of the fitness venue to meet the high standards and high requirements in terms of overall aesthetics.


Not only durable and beautiful, but also more advantages of Green Valley floor mats

Whether the indoor environment is healthy or not is also an important factor to measure the quality of fitness venues. In terms of sound environment quality, by using the Green Valley composite lock mat, the shock absorption and sound insulation effect of the fitness venue has been enhanced. The low noise sports environment will not disturb the outside world, allowing the venue to coexist comfortably with people.

On the other hand, Green Valley composite floor mats use environmentally friendly raw materials, which meet the standard requirements of GB18586-2001 "Interior Decoration Materials - Limits of Hazardous Substances in Polyvinyl Chloride Rolled Floors", creating a healthy and green sports environment for modern people.


In addition, the Ningbo dynamo muscle is also equipped with a special shock pad for the Green Valley full-length weightlifting platform, which can withstand heavy pressure with high density and is more suitable for large-scale training equipment in the anaerobic area and multi-functional strength area.


At present, Ningbo Muscle and Latte Fitness are still operating as usual. Green Valley products with the characteristics of durability, beauty and comfort have also attracted the favor of more fitness venues, playgrounds, etc., choose Green Valley, and work together to build a textured urban sports space.

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