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Case | Green Valley × Erke another new store completed!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-26      Origin: Site

Project Case


  Recently, the new store in Hangzhou built by Erke and Green Valley has been put into use, and the network layout of the brand's offline stores has been further developed, so as to bring a young, fashionable and sunny lifestyle to more consumers.


1. Improve the comfort index to be more in line with sports brands

  For sports brands, product comfort is the key to maintaining vitality and is the determining factor for word of mouth. Improved store and service comfort can also help brands better convey this impression to consumers.

  Taking the new store of Erke as an example, the floor of the store is covered with green valley elastic rubber membrane, which is non-slip and wear-resistant, comfortable to the foot compared to the general hard floor, and the consumer experience is more optimized. The words "professional" and "comfortable" are bound to Erke , in line with the needs of Erke's pursuit of quality to create "new domestic products with technology" and "TO BE No.1", so that the image the brand wants to create is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

2.Reshape offline stores to meet consumer demands

  Compared with online flagship stores and e-commerce live broadcasts, offline scenes as "fields" are incomparable in terms of the authenticity of visual experience and the immersion of consumer experience, and are indispensable for brands to cover different consumer groups and upgrade omni-channel services. Layout.

  Moreover, in the context of new retail, brand stores are no longer just the space carriers relying on the physical store itself, but are further extended, and are given more comprehensive functions such as image display and consumer experience services to achieve higher consumer awareness. And meet the ever-changing consumer demands.

  Various brands have started to upgrade their stores around the needs of "people", and sports brands have performed particularly well. For example, the Hongxing Erke brand store is equipped with environmentally friendly rolls designed and customized by Green Valley. The pattern is rich in brand recognition, does not absorb light and does not reflect light. It complements and integrates with product furnishings, and the overall effect is harmonious and unified.

Green Valley provides "Nike style" rolls for Erke

  Support custom design and printing according to brand needs

  In fact, this is not the first time that Green Valley and Erke have worked together, but another new project based on deep cooperation. Previously, Green Valley Eco-friendly Elastic Membrane has participated in the construction of many batches of Erke stores. While ensuring the same quality, it follows a unified visual style design in the pattern, and makes differentiated adjustments according to site planning to create an excellent store image for consumers to provide a better experience. 

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