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How to improve the quality of the children's playground rubber brick products

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-15      Origin: Site

Many people have such an experience. We went to Hong Kong and Macau, shopping in Japan, supported the development of the local economy, but in the mainland, it was shrinking. When it is consumed, it is still worried about quality problems. However, there is a very interesting phenomenon. We printed from overseas products with \"China Manufacturing \".

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From this we can know how important the quality is in our eyes. The topic we have to talk about today is also related to quality. This is the quality of the children's playground rubber bricks. We only want to teach you to improve the quality of rubber products. I will share some methods, I hope to help you.

1.Appearance and smell

I believe that many people have come into contact with rubber. Insufficient elasticity of inferior rubber is easy to damage. Therefore, people can carefully observe when they go to the playground. If the rubber brick on the playground is damaged, the quality of the rubber will become a problem; the inferior rubber brick often exudes a strong irritating odor at the beginning. If this rubber appears in the children's playground, you can imagine that the consequences are very serious, although we know that the rubber taste will gradually dissipate, but the harmful substance may not disappear. Only in the enhancement of intersections can better improve the quality of rubber brick products.

2.Sample timely, perform targeted inspections

Due to rubber is easy to aging and corrosion, it will show different characteristics during each period. If we want to accurately infer the quality of rubber, we need to understand the rubber of each time. We all need rubber during each period. All rubber will be sampled and checked in time, rubber aging and corrosion have a cycle, so this method will be longer, and individuals do not recommend personal use. If there is a professional test team, they will definitely get half of the results, and constantly urge Title product quality.

3.Strengthen management and promote technology updates

We know that the number of rubber brick products in the children's playground is small and small. Therefore, the rubber products on the playground lack the management and maintenance of professionals. At the same time, many countries have no clear rubber control regulations. Although rubber is an important basic energy source of the country, many countries have very poor rubber processing technology, which is easy to cause insufficient quality. Therefore, management must be strengthened to promote technology upgrades.


The above is several ways to improve the quality of the rubber brick products in children's playground, thank you for reading.

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