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Welcome to the FIBO Global Fitness Exhibition

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-04-08      Origin: Site

The Shanghai Floor Exhibition in March has achieved success. Green Valley will go abroad to participate in the German FIBO global fitness exhibition. On April 4, Hangzhou Green Valley new booth appeared in the German FIBO exhibition hall.


As the annual exhibition of the fitness industry, Green Valley fully utilizes this thousand-carrying opportunities, putting a lot of color on our booth (9c73), bringing you a feast of visual, fitness and business opportunities.


In this exhibition, Hangzhou Green Valley brought many new products. The immersive experience of the product attracted many tourists. Make visitors have a close understanding of product quality and have broad development prospects.


Many new visits have went to the green valley booth. Maybe this is the first time I know Green Valley, but after the scene experience, they are willing to stay in learning products. The staff of Green Valley patiently answers their questions and distributes the product manual. After consulting, they have learned the green vallery and express the willingness to cooperate.


Visitor comment:

1 layoutBoothBeautifully. On-siteThose monotonous Booth. Really arevery nice!

2. The reason why we participate in the exhibition isweBelieveAnd trustGreen valleyBrand!

3. The employees of Green Valley are very good.Their explanation isvery clear,Easy to understand!

4. We are very interested in working with Green Valley. We believe that green vallery has high quality,Have a future product andHigh qualityservice!


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