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Gym rubber coil

The floor of the gym rolling material not only better exerts the skills of the bodybuilders, but also minimizes damage that may be caused to the human body, such as jump and equipment exercise. This product can be used in elderly and child activities. The safety of the elderly and children plays a good protection, and the biggest feature is non-slip, shock absorbing, wear resistant, antistatic and non-reflection. Good water, anti-aging, long life

Product parameters

Product Series Fitness series
product name

Yellow mixed colored rubber roller


Width: 0-1.25m Length: 0-30M thickness: 3mm-12mm


Yellow EPDM + White EPDM + Black Particle

benefit High density, non-slip, anti-impact, reduce tidal and impact, easy to maintain and easy to install, environmentally friendly, can be recycled.

Gymnasium, school, ice rink

certificate CE, EN71, REACH, ISO10140
quality: High quality
colour: custom made
smell: Odorless
Softness: Moderate
deadline: 10 years


Thickness: 3mm-12mm

Packing: wooden tray or custom

Rubber roll

Volume 5



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