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Green Valley supports the Chinese University Futsal League to jointly promote the high-quality development of campus sports

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-13      Origin: Site

The China University Futsal Football League and Football Cheerleading Championship is hosted by the China University Sports Association. It is committed to the healthy development of university football and cultivating the spirit of patriotism, collectivism and tenacity. It is the scope of participation of Chinese universities in the history of my country's futsal. It is the official university sports event with the widest range, the highest level of competition, the greatest influence and the highest standards.


The 2023 China University Futsal Football League (Men's Southern District) and the 2023 China University Futsal Cheerleaders Championship (Southern District) are about to begin. Green Valley will provide sports ground materials for this event venue to facilitate the smooth development of the event.


On the road to development and innovation in the sports industry, physical education and campus sports have always been the focus of Green Valley. Giving full play to its accumulated experience and advantages in the field of new ground materials, Green Valley has created sports ground solutions including elastic interlocking flooring, sports flooring, rubber flooring and other products, which can be widely used in basketball volleyball courts, five-a-side courts, etc. Indoor and outdoor sports fields such as football fields and badminton courts help build a high-quality campus.


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Among them, elastic interlocking flooring is a common choice for building futsal fields - it is made of Green Valley's self-developed new polymer thermoplastic elastomer material (GV-ES), which has excellent resilience, environmental protection, stability, cushioning, The anti-skid, weather-resistant and drainage capabilities support the rapid paving of futsal fields or multi-functional sports fields indoors and outdoors, bringing a safe and professional sports experience.

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At the same time, Green Valley uses the energy of its brand and products to actively participate in relevant events, guide the development of sports hobbies and habits, promote the healthy development of students, and create a strong atmosphere of "sports ethics, sports people". In the future, Green Valley will continue to explore more ways to participate in campus sports, support the high-quality development of physical education, and give Healthy China a brighter future.

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