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Elastic interlocking floor

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-24      Origin: Site

With the development of sports, the sports ground has been upgraded from a single "Paving Material" to a functional "Sports Ground System" , which meets the requirements of both sports dynamic requirements and static construction code.

For today's ground, the role of the floor has gone beyond the single laying itself, anti impact, anti-skid, elastic will affect the public choice. Elastic interlocking floor is an upgrade from soft plastic to elastomer. It belongs to thermoplastic elastomer. It has the recyclability of plastic and the physical properties of rubber.

The elastic interlocking tiles has the following characteristics:

  1. Suspension Structure, Superior Performance, Joint Protection

  2. Zero Expansion, Zero Oil Leakage, Zero Shrinkage, No Smell

  3. Compound Rubber,Concave and Convex Surface Layer, Best Performance of Anti-Slippery

  4. Porous Mesh Structure, Easy to Clean, Easy to Drain, Easy to Ventilate

  5. Detachable Design, Quick and Easy to Assemble, Recycle and Reduce Cost Effectively

  6. Qualified with Chemical and Physical Requirements of the New National Standard

  7. 100% Recyclable

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