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Colorful EPDM rubber floor granules for kindergarten

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The ground of Hangzhou Lin'an amusement park is paved with EPDM rubber particles. The EPDM rubber particles are rich in color, soft in color and porous in surface, which can prevent the reflection of dazzling light. It is beautiful and durable. The polychrome system is designed with various graphics, which will not fade or pulverize due to the influence of ultraviolet and ozone. It is suitable for amusement parks, schools, kindergartens, track and field runways, stadiums and parks Path, fill lawn, etc 

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Green Valley focuses on the development of functional flooring to create the brand "Green Valley". Our products are covering more than 400 types of many series such as EPDM rubber flooring, SBR elastic rubber flooring, TPE thermoplastic sports flooring, UV custom functional flooring, and they are applied to sports games, stadiums, kindergartens, gyms, municipal gardens, railways, and shooting ranges and so on, and which the thermoplastic elastic floor has won many national invention patents and many utility model patents. Our sales range has covered more than 80 countries and regions around the world. We are serving the global markets.
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