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Blind rubber floor tile

Wear resistance, anti-slip shock absorption, high buffer performance, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet and ozone, good water, easy to lay and maintain, environmental protection can be recycled

Product Series Subcombead Trumpet, Garden Series
product name

Connected rubber floor tile


490 * 490 mm


Surface layer; dyed SBR particles

Black SBR

benefit Slip, wear resistance, impact, easy to lay, environmentally friendly, can be recycled

Sane, park, platform bridge, garden, courtyard, municipal, road project. Balcony, stud farm, etc.

certificate CE, EN71, EN1177, REACH, IS010140 IS9239
telephone number 0086-571-89058066, 89058077
quality: outstanding
colour: Any color can be customized
smell: Tasteless
Softness: neutral
deadline: 10 years

Thickness: 14mm (12 + 2mm)

Wood tray or according to customer requirements

Blind rubber brick

Tactile - Tile - Rubber - (2)

Tactile - Tile - Rubber - (3)

A-English-Blind Brick 2

A-English-Blind Brick 3



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